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Wednesday, July 12, 2006
I am so disappointed with my results. It is not true if you have the mentality that going over to study at Australia is much more easier and less stressful compared to Singapore. I shall prove this theory wrong.

In Singapore, there are short tests or more commonly known as COMMON TESTS (CT) every two to three weeks. Those tests are based on what students have learnt over the weeks and are only 5-10% of the whole year's results.

Then, they have the two major exams which are the MID YEAR EXAMS and the FINAL YEAR EXAMS respectively. These two carry higher percentages and one can still attain good results/catch up with the rest at the final year examination if he/she did very badly in the earlier part of the year.

It is considerably good if marks like '75' is obtained though, Because in Singapore, they only count grades, not the marks in particular. So what if you've lost 25% in that year? It's still an A1.


Look, in Australia, (okay, maybe it's the system for my college) students have to study and are tested THROUGHOUT the year. We cannot afford to lose even the slightest 0.5 mark. Essays are worth 10% each time, and semester exams are worth 35%. Depending on the subjects, each have different criterias to achieve. Even aspects like 'attendance, class participation' are included in the scoring system.

For example, if a Singaporean student scores an overall of 29.5/35 for a particular exam, it is considered BAD RESULTS here whereas in Singapore, it is pretty WELL DONE. It is so stressful because everyone is aiming for FULL MARKS in each area.

The percentage is broken down into 10% (Essays), 20% (Second Essay), 35% (Semester One Exam), 35% (Semester Two Exam). So if a student get 9/10 (Essays), 17/20 (Second Essay), 29.5/35 (Semester One Exam), 33/35 (Semester Two Exam), that student would have lost TEN FREAKING percent for the subject. So it's only 90% out of 100%, which is BAD.

OHMYGOD. I'm so stressed now. I really want to get FULL MARKS for most subjects, but it seems impossible. To me, 25/30 is bad enough. Not to mention any lower than that. ):

I am so affected by my results now, BUT that won't stop me from mugging even harder this time round.

Anw, on a lighter note, Drama today was nothing but fun! Since it was the start of Term 3, and this term focuses on Teamwork and Trust, Rosemary played numerous games with us. We were splitted up into smaller groups and had to achieve certain goals in the games. Being the lightest and smallest in my group, i was being lifted and carried each time. I feel like a queen.

Tough fight between all groups though. (: I love drama the most.

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