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Saturday, July 15, 2006
I can hide it no more.

I wonder if you know that, i'm falling for you. It's a feeling i can't describe. I'm in too deep and got myself entangled in this trap.

It's bitter-sweet.

This feeling will probably remain, because i know it ain't easy to come across such things. What i care now, is the present, the beautiful present i hope it will be.

-to that someone-

I didn't know our friendship was that fragile. ALl it takes was for you to say something inconsiderate and it totally spoilt my day. The SIX years of friendship. You can still pretend that nothing has happened and talk to me like as usual when i know you've read my previous post.


Is it really that difficult to maintain a friendship when two persons are miles away?
Australia - Singapore, is it THAT far apart?
To think she was my friend for so long,

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