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Friday, July 21, 2006
I've decided to change my post for the day. HAHA. It's okay if you don't get it.

I was reading VALERIE's blog and saw this really funny/inspirational/sentimental/touching post about MISS SERENE OW, our beloved literature teacher. Omg, i would love to scrap it off her blog and post it here.

So there you go, with credits from VALERIE ONG SIHUI. (:


Seriously, I miss her like WOAH. I miss her dirty jokes, and after telling the joke she'll still pretend not to laugh and pretend that she's nt dirty at all. I miss her sacarsm. 4e2rians can be DAMN sacarstic. Dont offend us or we'll get the whole class to shoot you with verbal vomit. (Mm, actually our gatherings are full of sacarsm as well. I think if an outsider joins us, he/she will leave halfway.)

I miss having literature lessons outdoors! Because we felt hot in the classroom. We were sitting on part of the track. Other class students were running and we were blocking their way but Ms Ow was damn funny. She was laughing-shouting at them asking them about why were they running here and ordering them to run somewhere else. We felt damn dau pai la. =D Protected by Ms Ow.

I miss Ms Ow's stupid promises to motivate us. Like running around the neighbourhood in only her * if we scored well for Lit in our Os.I miss going back to school before Os to seek her for help. We all be at the study corner and she'll be patient and go through stuff with us although she always said that she wont go through again.Ms Ow is one of the bestest teacher ever.

We used to dislike her lesson 'cause she can be quite strict and she'll know if you are daydreaming and not copying down notes. But, thanks to her, 4e2rians did well in Lit. =D MS OW, let me express my love for you here.Seriously, I hope you are reading this.

Cucullus non facit monochum. Something like that. Because of Ms Ow pronouncing it in e damn not pro way, making fun of the way we read, thats why I can remember quotes like this.

Dear Ow,I miss having you as my Lit teacher. You made me fall in love with Lit. You gave me the courage to take Lit now. I will not fail you.

Omgomg, speaking about ms ow, she sure does brings back tons of hilarious memories. Ah yesyes, i owe her a lot because she was the one who trained me to be a debator. Though she is strict and sarcastic, but ohgod, she's DAMN FUNNY and witty. lol. I can never forget how we used to say she looks like MARY TURNER! HAHAHAHHAHAHHA.

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