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Wednesday, July 19, 2006
OMG, how long have i not updated on this picture-less blog? Haha. I have damn a lot of photos to upload, but stupid palmerston introduced this internet download limit crap, hence i have to selectively upload photos. What dumb shit.

Anyway, i wanna thank my DEAR KOH ZHI MIN for being there for me that night when i was really down and out. Thanks for lending a listening ear, even in the cold. I really felt so much better after a cry-out. (: You know you can always depend on me when the same thing happens to you.

Recently, everything seems well. I am happy, and happy is good ! I know why i'm happy, you're the reason.
And i tell you, I almost died of coldness yesterday night. LOL. SOMEONE should know why!

Okay, I shall leave everything to the pictures, cause picture paints a thousand words !

KRISPY KREMES ! omg, you cannot NOT know what is krispy kremes because it's the BEST you can get worldwide.

One night when we were all bored. Actually, there were more photos on this, but because it's kept confidential, i cannot upload the final product of kenneth's new hairstyle ! Sad right? i know. He's probably going to kill me if i upload it here. Only nini and i knows, because we're the amazing hairstylists !

A beautiful thursday night. - Literature outing: GRONKS.

And then we have the days back in Singapore !

Dangs! I will be back with more photos. Till then, tata !

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