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Monday, July 10, 2006
omg, i know i haven't blog in ages. I'm just plain lazy, that's all.

Let's recap,

Okay, i really want to backtrack, but there's just too much details that i am SO LAZY to elaborate on. RARRR. So, to cut things short, i really enjoyed my two weeks in SINGAPORE, my homeland! (: For that, i have to thank all those who made it possible. and to some, i am disappointed in you. But whatever, if that's the case, leave it.

Read VALERIE'S BLOG for more details on the most recent 4e2'o5 gathering. It was a success ! ((: I still miss my class, and i definitely miss the peeps.

Highlight of that day, ANDREW'S SANITARY CAP, and HONG KIT'S DISGUSTING TALES. lol. omg, aud and i were so grossed out.

I am so waiting for EDWARD to come online with the photos!! WHERE ARE YOU DUDDDEEE ? =/

There's really nothing to blog about? I didn't shop a lot back in Singapore because Melbourne is so much cheaper. Like OMG, SO MUCH CHEAPER. I will not contemplate shopping this week, no way. It has become my hobby ! HAHA. Not that i'm in need of clothes or whatsoever, but.. you know, it's called TEMPTATION. lol

Anyway, the flight today was bad. I don't know, it's just bad. Took a cab back with Zhi, Ash, Sherman and Dee. The fare came up to $52.80. WOW. lol, and thank you Sherman for helping me with my luggage !! If not i'll just die.

You see, i'm running out of things to blog, because blogger is so screwed. I can't post any pictures because the icon doesn't appear. Too bad ! HAHA.

AIYAH, i going off to rot already. What a random post indeed. :O

holding on. FAITH. i believe.

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