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Monday, July 31, 2006
OMG, i so have to announce that my stomach is burning, fierce. rahhh.

I don't exactly care if you give a damn about us. You are constantly treating us like as though we're insignificant, almost nothing comparable to someone else. Why do people want to attract so much attention from everyone, so much so that they exceed the extent of being a two-sided person. This really probes into the question of superficiality. Your actions and behaviour disgusts me. I've seen it, i've experienced it, and i can say for sure, you are just another clone of hypocrisy. Yes, i know everyone is hypocritical, but yours is the extreme i can't define. I hate it when your emotions change so quickly, even before we know it. I loathe having to see the two sides of you. I destest knowing that you always try to seek attention.

ohmygod, get a life. It just dampens my day whenever something like that happens. (Not referring to today though.) I'm tired of such things, and i am contented with what i have now, even if it means no attention from EVERYONE. I've learnt to be satisfied with the right amount of care and concern from the dearest. To me, that is enough. (:

Anyway, i encountered this group of uncivilised girls whilst going to the doctors with nick. I swear, they were really annoying. There is no law saying that i can't wear shorts during winter. So maybe they are jealous because they've never dared to wear shorts during winter in their entire life. I think i've just enlightened them that it is POSSIBLE to wear shorts in such a cold weather.

Ha, now i am boiling. Accompanied nick to the doctors after my lessons and made a detour to lygon for dinner, safeway and chemist before heading home. My first Nasi Lemak in Melbourne. How memorable it is. (: My legs are breaking after RUSHING home from swanston. My heals almost gave way and i hit my ankle against the roadside curb. ): rahhh. AND it was raining lah. I think i am really nice today, RIGHT *ahem?

So, i'm blogging after finishing math and hoi. I have a helluva number of essays to complete. urgh ! nvm, tomorrow will be a better day.

OF COURSE YOU MUST GO TO SCHOOL TOMORROW ! :P I didn't say it was me either !

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