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Saturday, July 01, 2006
OMG OMG OMG. what a happening day ! (:

And so, here is the detail of what-makes-my-30th-June-so-special-day. lol. mmm, the day started off with an overslept situation and a rush to zhonghua in the morning. Coincidentally, i met SIEW HOON AND HENRIETTA on the bus ! It took them so long to recognize me when they're just right in front of me.

Met ching at the usual 105 bustop and met IVAN who gave this shocked face when he saw me. =/ Then came DELIN who waited for ALVIN with us. Went into zhonghua, into the canteen and THERE, i saw familiar faces !


I was welcomed by Andrew FOOL's stupid joke. He never changed a bit. And then, i saw MY DEAREST DEAREST DEAREST KOH SEE HWEEEEE !! I missed her so much ! Here's what happened. (i ripped it off from seehwee's blog!)

(n yea...guess who i saw...TOH TING XUAN and LEE YI CHING....gasp! i was abit slow actually...i was walkin down e canteen..n tingxuan was just standin there...starin at me...n i didnt realise it at all...n for a moment when i knew it was her...i got abit shocked...n e next moment...came a big big was so nice seein her again...i'll nva forget how disgustin we were when we ate at mr bean...hahax...! =) okie..this is onli between us...shhh..)

You see, this girl never changed too. such a BLUR SOTONG STILL ! :p

Went upstairs for the concert, and boy was it BORING. Here's a part of the concert. (I ripped it off from Delin's blog because i am too lazy to elaborate.)

( went back to Zhonghua just now!!! It was So nice to see a lot of my friends back, though it has been quite a short time. The Youth Day concert there was a little bland, not as exciting as last year. Mrs Ngiam SANG!!! Haha...she sang with her very good friend, Ms Lam.)

Oh yes, many more came back.


What a united class. 4e2'o5 has the BEST attendance today! hip hip hooray! (: Anyway, caught up with Mrs Ngiam and she said this, "Wah tingxuan, you grew rounder !" OMG lah, what is rounder ! NOOOOOOO ! ): Nevertheless, it was great catching up with teachers once agn ! Did i mention say many couldn't recognize me? LOL. Hilarious, totally.

Mdm lau couldn't recognize me.
Mr Lim spat out his food and went "WOW".
Mr Yeo stopped lesson halfway and stared at me.
Mr Choo was so surprised to see the drastic change.
Mdm Vanni said i've changed.
Cai Lao shi say i become very havoc ! LOL.
The librarian took quite long to notice me.
The cleaning auntie said i've matured. (she always take good care of me!)
The bread shop vendor COULDN'T recognize me lah. (to think i was quite close to her!)
The vegetarian store vendor is still as cuckoo ever.

What a school ! haha.

ANYWAY, a few of us went j8 for lunch and this is what happened. (Again, i ripped this off from Colleen's blog.)

(We went to delifrance for lunch. Then, we saw edward, so he joined me and tingxuan to shop. We soon became tired of j8 so we took mrt to summerset and we had ice cream.I was again cheated. And this time, it was by our dear tingxuan. Lol!

Edward ordered some expresoo ice so it came with a really small cup of expresso and icecream. Then i was wondering wad the coffee tastes like, so i took a tiny mouthful and i nearly died. It was SUPER bitter!! Then, tingxuan, seeing how much i was disgusted by the drink, tried it too.

She took a sip and then without making a face, she told me it tastes good. Except i shouldnt swallow it immediately. Being very naive and gullible, i took another sip and nearly died again. =X It was SOO SOO bitter!! It wasnt any better than my first try.

Then, tinxuan was like 'No la, i think u drink wrongly again. It's like that.' Then she demostrated. I again being very naive and stupid, took another sip and and the same thing happen. I had to quickly take my icecream or i'll be first person earth to die while drinking coffee.

Then after that mouthful, tingxuan finally said 'Ni hen hao pian leh! Haha! Wo pian le ni 3 ci ni hai si her! Haha!'At that moment, i really dunno whether to laugh or cry. Even edward was surprised at how stupid i am. =X)


Okay, then Colleen left for home and Edward was kind enough to accompany me saunter around town before the clock hits six thirty.

I was punctual okay. Everyone else was late. :p


So anyway, we caught Superman Returns at Plaza Singapura. DAMN, that movie is superb !! Go catch it ! I love superman's son ! He's so adorable you know. ((: The movie is SO LONG, that i can only relieve myself two and a half hours later ! AND MARCUS didn't allow me to go pee ! omg. what a nnp. haha. Went to have supper at Crystal Jade Kitchen and spent some time catching up with one another ! TOK TONG, DANIEL and his gf came after that and off we goo ! (:

So basically, the whole day was great, spending different parts of the day with different cliques ! (:
Now i can't wait for CLARISSA's paper to finish on tues so that she can fufil our DATE !! wheeeeeee !

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