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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Someone: Hey, you are? Do i know you of some sorts? lol.

Josh: Eh, thanks ah.

Lala!: It's at lygon, at this Chinese Royal Cuisine Restaurant or smth. ANYWAY, hope you've enjoyed your birthday with us yesterday night okay! ((: LOVE YOU SWEET ! Happy 17th Birthday!

Hongs: hey, haha. you take care of yourself too ya? May the exams be a breeze for you ! (:

ZHI: YESYES, i am happy ! I know you're happy too because ... YOU love chocolatey.. I love strawberry.. Hmm mmm.. HAHHA.

Giulia: OH! i have a rare visitor here who RARELY tags even though she reads my blog ! WHEN are we meeting up for drama? I can't wait !

Dana!: lol, i tell you, Singapore food is much much better than Australia's, in terms of Asian culture! So don't drool ! LOL.

Danz: OH HELLO! Omg i didn't know you read my blog too. How have you been?

XF !!: I'm so sorry for not picking up your call on skype a few days back okay! Cos i wasn't at home ! ): SORRY!! And MISS, i can't excess your blog !

BBF: GOSH, how the hell did you manage to find my blog in the end ! LOL. YAH, you stupid shit. Promise me to set aside one day for me and what happened in the end?! ):


Hmm, at this hour, i should be in DFO, doing massive retail with zhi. BUT, i've decided to postpone it to sometime next week because i want to study. HAHA, okay, that's not exactly the reason though. I came home damn late last night, like 3:30 am and had less than 5 hours of sleep. omg right.

Anyway, yesterday was a total blast. Went to Cliffton hill to support the Alberters and Mike in the Trinity soccer competition. We lost, but the fighting spirit is defined. We are so proud of them! (: But the weather was so irritating because it kept blowing hot and cold air infrequently. My back was aching damn badly and my body temperature increased. =/ It was terrible basically. Hmm, and i still owe nini $5.90, :P

Came back home at about 4:15 pm and changed into the PINK dressing code tgt with nini, ken and mike. Oh gosh, so many people were staring at us when we entered the church hall. LOL. Oh, btw, we went to attend Chris's church service that evening. Then, we proceeded home after a light dinner.

Nick is a lazy pig who jumps straight into bed upon reaching home. lol. I went over to have a chat with zhi before leaving the house at 10:10 pm to Europa.

NICK, MIKE, JUN, ASH, VAN, ERIC, LALA'S SIS, PEILING and I. All of us gave Lala a surprise birthday gift over at her house. Interesting process! My back was still aching and body temperature is still hot though, but i guess it's worth it since it's my DEAR LALA'S BIRTHDAY! ((:

Everything was PINK, balloons, streamers, banner, birthday presents, drinks and etc. Just imagine. haha. Spent quite some time there before heading home at 3:15 or so. GOSH, i was pooped. Plunged straight into bed and woke up at 12 today, feeling heavy. Oh well, at least i did some work today. (:

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