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Thursday, July 13, 2006
what a day.

The day started off bad, and it just accumulates gradually to make it worse, then worst. Getting back my literature results was perhaps the only not-so-sad period of the day. After that, my day just took a dip and i was pretty affected.

I was hurt so many times today. I thought i could mask a smile and everything will be alright, but i couldn't. When i felt a little better, there would always be something that bound to make me feel the opposite. Really, i almost teared, but what's the point?

I need my faith, to keep me ongoing.
I need trust, to ensure that everything is okay.
I need hope, to have something to look forward to.

Sigh, i know i'd made a promise to be happy. I KNOW.
So, i shall chuck it all aside, and make sure i'll be happy in the next two hours left. It's hard not to think about what happened, but i'll try.

I have feelings too, did it come across you that somethings you say might hurt me in someway?


- The only way to love is not by loving someone perfect. But by loving someone imperfect, perfectly. Love doesn't always have a happy ending, it simply doesn't end.

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