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Tuesday, August 08, 2006
I MUST blog today. Because nick and i just finished recording our latest version of A Whole New World. omg. it's damn nice k. (: I can't stop listening to it over and over again. OHHHH.

Anyway, i finally went for retail on sunday! omgomg, i swear retail is my best friend. Zhi and i went city and started our spree in valleygirls. I love it when at the end of the day, i can take them all out and hang it nicely in my wardrobe. SEVEN NEW COLLECTIONS ! ohwow. And then we had the best experience ever.

the soon-to-come tram.


RANDOM picture to chk if my camera is working.

love the prints !

Busker with two lil dogs.

WE ENCOUNTERED A DEMONSTRATION. and i mean a really big one. Man, it was exciting !

Our tram got delayed, so yah, we were bored and decided to camwhore. (:

But, i was practically starving on sunday, cos all i had for the day was a packet of french fries. Don't say i'm anorexic, because i'm not. I was too lazy to cook and all, so i simply stuffed myself with tiny teddies. LOL.

OH YAY. Eap essay for susan's class is postponed till next wednesday, but it doesn't really affect me, cos it's done! Lessons were damn boring today, so it's not worth mentioning ANY of them. Nick and i had a mini party during HOI lect though. Tamar was so blind to not see the food ! lol. :P i'm glad i did the quiz though.

Okay, anyway, i hope charis feels better now ! (:

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