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Saturday, August 05, 2006
I'm Bored. Ching leaves for her brother's place every friday night, and i'm alone at home. And i'm doing my essays at 3 am in the morning, like now. because i can't sleep !

Yesterday was Doreen's birthday! Happy Birthday girl ! Bought her a cake, and waited for Cliffton to come before carrying out the surprise party. Oh well, like i said, it's a surprise party, so it's natural for doreen to cry. IT'S OKAY GIRL. (: loves.

Drama meeting became a bitching session. LOL. I didn't know this and that and those until Darwin, Cliffton and Giulia filled me in with damn a lot of information. Oh wow. I'd better be careful. Hmm.. But anyway, drama is never boring, i can't wait for the performance ! I LOVE my drama group ! (:(:

OHOH, i was walking WITH my eye candy on thursday. All the day from FSC to physio. OOOMMMGG. He's so freaking hot. -grins- (zhi, don't you ever say i'm hua chi okay. he's just my EYE CANDY.)

Was doing house hunting with zhi today. Saw some really pretty ones, and no doubt they were expensive duh!

I think i have heart problems. Occationally, i'll have breathing difficulties. Then i'll get so panicky and thinks that i'm going to die. -.-

Lead me, before i get lost in the crowd.

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