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Saturday, August 19, 2006
LAST NIGHT's DINNER-OUT. (After handing in ALL our essays.)
at NewTown Hongkong Restaurant.

Presenting you with,

Nicholas Teo Weiqiang! &

Toh Ting Xuan. (:

"Dont take photo of me!"

ahem* Little boy.

I wish, i wish, i wish...


Left the restaurant and walked down lygon!

We bought Super Flavoured Straw !!

Okay, -.-

He thinks he is retro. LOL

I think i am dumb.

And we both decided to take a decent photo.

OHH, dinner was great. We took heaps of photo, but i selectively uploaded a few. Thanks to the download quota limit i have to beware of. It kind of suck. Anyway, I won't do much talking because picture paints a thousand words ! (:

Wednesday, at,

"WEH, i don't want to study!"

My Primary sources of Burke and Paine.


"Why you like that.."

"I'm studying really hard!"

"I have muscles!! LOOK!"

Then, the next day.. (Thursday morning)
Continuation of HOI-ing.

"HEY! nick's peeping on my work!"
Plagarism, that is! :p

Okay, like i've said, there's actually more photos attached, but, oh well! Paine and Burke were the two thinkers of the French Revolution (1789-1799). I really hate them, but now that i've washed my hands off the essay, i pretty much like them. LOL.

Natural Rights OR Political Inequality?
Common Interest OR Hereditary/Independent Government?
Paine OR Burke?

Think about it.

That's why, HOI essays are interesting, yet long-winded. But anyhow, it's debatable! That's fun. (:

Right, i'm off to take a shower! Leaving for late night movie with the rest soon! CIAO.

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