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Saturday, August 05, 2006
Our god is an awesome god, where he reigns from heaven above.

It's saturday ! Attended math support as usual, and had to re-learn simple/compound interest all over again. Nick claims he's smart. Then he claims that he's hot. Hmm. Then, we got cheated at KFC for having three damn tiny pieces of chicken, fries, whipped potato and a drink for 8.25. =/ Scam ! Went home, survived the cold, and got 'amazed' by kenneth's ballet skills. HA HA. For the third time, nick claims he's skilled at dancing too. ahhhh, mmm.

TERM THREE EAP ESSAY. finally, completed. (:

One down, three more to go. i am so motivated to finish all of them all of a sudden. LOL.

LOOK AT THIS VERY INTERESTING CONVO. ! (i shall name that person unknown.)

Okay, i better scoot now ! ((((:

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