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Saturday, August 12, 2006
paint my love.

It gets really irritating when i can't upload photos on blogger. Like wth, i've already had a bad night, with my computer dying down on me 10 over times, then it took me so long to figure out the damn earhole and it couldn't get any better working on my psychological essay. URGH. i'm steaming.

Anyway, national day celebration was cancelled on wednesday, because it was rumoured to be a clubbing event, and of which is something i don't fancy. So, the night was spent with fellow palmerston-ians, in the dining area, watching this mini screen on tv, showing Singapore's National Day Parade LIVE! (: Basically, the patriotic spirit is never lost.

Aiyah, i'm all so tired and drained. Strains in relationships, the drama-mama in it, i've seen it all. Friends around me are depressed, lost and numbed. I can't believe he broke up with her just because he's going back for NS next year. WHAT CRAP. Their relationship is freaking 51 months long, and don't tell me that strong of a relationship cannot withstand a mere two year course. I don't understand why.

From my personal point of view, i would never break with my bf if he's going back for army. I'll be so glad to wait for him ! That guy is simply a jerk. Actually, why would guys rather experiment than commiting in a serious relationship? Ohwells.

SWEET, you still have me ! ((: Cheerup!

And to you-know-who. Since he's been such an asshole for two months, give it up. Hey, no point holding on to this nameless relationship. If he wants to be with you, he'd long ago popped the question. But, so many months have passed, and i think it's time you take things in your stride. Four messages and he replied to none. That's the extreme. Don't be so sad ya? I'm always here for you (EVEN THOUGH I'M IN AUSSIE OKAY!)

  • I think it is lovely to wait for someone you love, no matter how long it takes, and distance doesn't matter. (Unless it's further studies that would take more than 5 years lah) :P
  • I love waiting. Okay, no, but i see no harm in it! (:

Okay, giulia is so full of crap today. I wonder why. Hmmm...
Enough, i'm off to bed!

Doreen's birthday present!

Palmies + Clifton!

o9o82oo6 - NATIONAL DAY!

We are loyal citizens !


Dee, Chris, Jacq

We're trying to attach the tv to the comp.

Nick! HAHAHAAH. bfb.

awwww !


Singing the national anthem !!

There! the little webcast on tv!

Watching intensely !


AND THERE, pretty pretty!

ohyay! finally.

Okay, i'm so lazy to post more pictures, because the internet ain't treating me nice enough. So till then, au revoirs! (:

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