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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

TIMO! oh hello hello! I'll link you soon ya? Life's the same i guess! Hectic at times, slacking most of the time. LOL. How about you?

NICK! bfb rocks lah! and let's go to the library MORE often! I can't wait for HOI to be over, so we can visit the KBOX. omg. (:

GIULIA! lol. Because you are lame and full of crap, isn't it so? haha. You gross lah! You were too high that night.

NICOLE KWOK JIAWEN! where have you been! I read your blog! RAPTURE seems really fun! Where'd you go! I don't see you online anymore you NNP!

DANZ! ahaha. Patriotic i guess!

CHING! Once in a time, nvm lah hor? I can't stand picture-less posts! :P


OMG, i really hate you a lot. Why must you counter Burke's argument? Why you do have so much reflection on the French Revolution! Why bother to write ONE WHOLE BOOK or MORE on Natural Rights ! omgomgomg. I am going to die of all these history soon. ):

I've been spending a LOT of time in the library these few days. Woo, i wish to be studious, like such in time to come. (: Then, i'll score well enough for this term! Cool. I shall visit the library really often. That should help. Oh wells.

Today, Nick was dumb enough to believe my nonsense. HAHAHAHA. Actually, i didn't know what i was blabbering about either. But he just passed me the money anyway. LOL! Hilarious.

I love Oral Presentation! Really, i do! I've always liked public speaking. That's the only enjoyable part about EAP i guess. And i think EAP was perhaps the best class i've attended today. Okay, that's because i've only attended EAP today lah basically. haha.


Oh yeah, two down, three left. Sigh. I CAN DO IT, can i? (:

Okok, i've changed my mind. I love Paine and Burke. -.-
I'm tired, and there's drama tomorrow! I can't wait!

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