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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

DANA ! I'm always online 24/7 ! But i always don't see you online! How could you! ): I haven't been talking to you guys of late !

LALA ! ohhhh nooo. you're not suppose to reveal who he is ! LOL. oops!

GIULIA ! you lamemo lamething ! Thanks for laming my whole of yestd night !! lol. And i shall see you tmr! Hmm, i wonder if it's a good thing to see you. :P

DAN ! no problem ! No worries. I know you're pretty caught up with SC and all. I understand ! (:

CHING ! ohno i don't miss you ! :P EHEH, "it's cool man!" HAHAHHAHAH.

SASHAA ! ohgosh. How long have i not seen you? Please revive your blog! and ohyes, HAPPY NATIONAL DAY! i'm patriotic you know !

CHARIS ! yes! i've re-linked you already. Hope you're feeling better alrights ! ((:

Hmm, i guess i'll update more later, when i've returned from Singapore's National Day Celebration at Flinders later ! I feel GOOOODDD. (:

AND VAN, cheer up okay ! ((:

yesterday night bad.

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