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Thursday, August 31, 2006
This calls for a celebration ! (:

1. My drama exam/performance is over !
2. My EAP oral presentation today went really well !
3. No more essays due.
4. Tomorrow is nick's drama!
5. It's the end of August today.
6. It's spring tomorrow!

What an interesting week. This week was nothing else but drama drama drama. I swear i watched more drama performances than attending tutorials this week. OHno, i'm such a sinner. But ah well, it won't hurt once in a while!

Since i still have quite a lot of MB left, i'll upload photos to use it all up before it's renewed tomorrow! YEAAH!

A bunch of us celebrated Mike's birthday last sunday! Searching for his present was halluva beads of sweat and exercise. Refer to nick's blog for more detailed information anyway.

shades in action!

LOL, nick!

We bought poker set from the reject shop!

nick and i !

mike, dee, zhi, sanny ; van, jun ash!

mike and his birthday cake. / (:

Jun and van! / nick!

Then, earlier on friday, i witnessed an accident just right outside swanston. omg.

oh yeah, but on the same day, TRINITY TALEVEGANZA WAS A BIZZARE!!

the band - OOOHs.

vocalist in action!

after the performance.


spriinnggg !

huiwen's drama! / TZE MENG


zara / jeremy's birthday! HAHAHAHA.

I'll probably upload some drama performances up here so that you guys can have a go at it! (: Anyway, my drama group rocks! We performed according to the topic, "Hostage" and it's this damn sad story; so sad that tears just welled down my cheeks at the last scene where my 'dad' dies for me. I hope i'll score though, because amongst all, i love drama the most. Also, not to forget, EVERYONE who came to support me!! nick, zhi, mike, dee, jun, van, zara, jacq, yiching and a few others!

Right, i'm quite tired now. Just came back from nick's drama rehearsal and boy, it was
good! (: He's so nervous now that he can't fall asleep. lol, all the best for tomorrow k!! :D We will all be rooting for you! Go 'Alexander' !! and btw, nick looks really -.-" in his plumber suit this evening! HAHAHAH. omg, tze meng and i almost fainted, like literally. Check it out tomorrow!

Okay, pretty much a long post. I haven't seen KOHZHIMIN for the WHOLE DAY today! ))):
"EH, let's make a bet. i bet my ... -hits chest- ... my life!"
HAHHAHAHA, zhi i think you're damn funny and your drama was good!! (((: I hope everything's alright for you now okay? Will talk to you when i see you soon, which is tomorrow! GEE.

OHHHH, i'm soooo sooooo pooped. I'll TRYYYY to update more tomorrow!

HUIXIN, hey, i've got your email already! Come online soon, so that i can tell you more about the details yes? See you then!

JACQ!!! Hey! thanks so much for the wonderfull haircut okay! and i really appreciate your presence on wednesday (my drama performance!). You can act really well too! Your role was just so powerful!

LALA MY DEARRR! hahaha! i guess it's a really busy year-end of all of us! It's a pity i don't get to watch your drama cause i had EAP! ): Sorry! You know, we've got SO MUCH to catch up on!! But nevertheless, you know i'll still be there for you anytime, anywhere! REMEMBER OKAY! love!

GIULIA! hey, i really hope everything's alright now. I hope kim's fine now too. ): It's a bad month, i know it. How's your sore foot? Gotten better already?

ZHIIIIIII !!! where are you! i couldn't find you/see you today! ): Thanks for coming for my drama okay! Your drama was terrific! lol. Don't you just love my company? :p I really really want to thank you for being there for me at times when i'm down and out; even if it means late night walks down the cold lonely playground. ILOVEEEEEEYOUUUUU!

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