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Thursday, September 07, 2006
31st August - CARENA LOY XIUHUI's birthday! :D:D
5th September - LOO XIANG FENG's birthday! :D:D

Happy birthday Sweeties ! I finally saw some updates of the both you in Nicole's blog !! (thankyou nic! lol.) Finally finally seventeen already eh? MISS LOO, when will you webcam with me! ): I miss your ghostly face! haha. How are you guys doing? YOU KNOW WHAT? December is coming real soon! (: Quick quick! Let's keep in touch soon!

Nicole! If you're reading this, sorry! I wasn't at home this afternoon, so i can't reply you! AND can you please fix your webcam you mouse! I miss all of you like damn damn damn a lot. rarr! stupid mouse!

Right, that's my main intention of blogging anyway. Exams are just next week, and i'm pretty glad with my progress in terms of revision. This is so not me okay. Be glad i'm prioritizing correctly. HAHA.

I think my stomach needs a pumpwash.


Nick! Yes you are greedy! You eat ten thousand meals a day! LOL. Because of you, i grew A LITTLE rounder! ): But nevermind, let's go patronize the restaurant again! Or better still, let's go try out new eateries okay!! Increase the budget this time round! :p

EDDY EDDY ! hey dude! how are you doing? hahahaha. Because i don't do daily blogging nowadays, so i tend to blog longer! :p Are you still learning dance? Are you still partnering that 'auntie'? LOL! I read it, and it's hilarious lah!!

KOHKOH!! i know you can't love me enough! :p YAH! Whiteboarding was damn fun! At least it tells me that i can type much faster. HAHAHAHAHA. gee.

JACQ! hey! I hope things are much much better now! I'll still be there for you if anything happens okay! YOU KNOW i'll understand, don't you? -wink-

DANA ONG QIANYU! omg. I thought you were dead ! Busy preparing for promos right! I hardly see you online already! And that mousey too! WHYWHYWHY! ):

WANNI! haha, that's good. thanks!

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