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Sunday, September 03, 2006
AHH, it's been a really boring weekend. I did nothing but math yesterday. Zhi and I whipped up a simple meal to mark our 'hardworking-ness'. LOL. Okay, actually no, but we were so tempted to cook so that we could eat it with olive veg. Honestly, i have no idea that the can of olive has been sitting on my shelf for the past eight months, left untouched. HAHAHHA.

I know i've repeated this like ten thousand times, but i still want to say..

I think it's fated. KOHKOH is my first friend in IDP back in singapore. She is the first one whom i knew is coming to melb and staying in palmerston. There was this period of time, i only had her number in my phone because i only knew her. My first homecooked meal was eaten with her. My first shopping experience in city was spent with her. My first terrifying tram experience was with her. My first trip to BIGW and SAFEWAY was with her too! There were lots more though. (:

Then, more and more people joined the clique. And what happened in the end? We still emerged out as the bestest friends ever. How beautiful life can be with KOHKOH around ! Heard that KOHKOH? don't say i always bully you anymore okay! :D:D

There, presenting you with KOHKOH!

Nevertheless, I wish for the weekends to pass quickly.
& I regretted eating pasta.

NICHOLAS TEO WEIQIANG has been M.I.A since saturday! ): So i can't take the pictures taken on ken's birthday from him. Blame him! Anyway, i just came back from a sumptuous lunch with him! It's amazing how we can cook so much dishes out of the empty kitchen. WOW! Let me show you how glutton he is.

Okay, i'm officially bored. Maybe a picture post the next time round. (:
I'll upload the drama performances soon though.
Exams are nearing, wish me the best of luck!


JIN HONG ! hello. yah, good that you know it's been a really long time since we last conversed. What have you been doing lately? Working still? Keep In Touch okay! (:

WANNI (SIS) hey! haha. I won't be going back during the september holidays. Probably december! Remember to study hard okay! Don't keep hogging on to the computer ah. How is your foot?

KOHKOH ! yeah man! that night was really fun! I KNOW RIGHT, it's so scary! But come to think of it, who wants to impersonate you? Hmm. LOL ! joking lah. OLIVE VEG rocks right!

NURA ! hey there ! I though you'd all forgotten about me! lol. oh well, you know me, i love to enjoy and have fun everywhere i go! How have you been? ATTACHED HAPPILY YES? (:

TERENCE LAU TAT LONG (BIGGIE-ni!) !!! of course i remember you lah!! What talking you! We were still talking over msn the other day remember! I can never ever forget you! Those days, those camps, those long talks, those philosophy, those dance days, those outings, those PB DAYS, those campfires, those BASKETBALL TIMES, those ALOTMORE are so so unforgetable lah can. We're the invincible trio ! I SEE YOU GOING GAGA OVER SOMEONE TOO! -wink- rmb to make time for me in DEC when i return hor!

GWEN my dear! Sorry sorry. I've been really tied down with work and drama these few days! will reply you soon okay!! LOVE.

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