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Sunday, September 10, 2006
I'm tired, i really am.
Just that sentence kills my spirit. Why mention it? nevermind.

Today was nothing but Literature, The Overcoat and Farenheit 451.
All of which are not worth elaborating though.
Why can't Literature be as fun like when i was in secondary school?
Where is Miss Ow! ):

Tomorrow's gonna be intensive math and more Farenheit 451. I don't mind math, but Farenheit is uber boring and ridiculous. Why can't it be like 'Twelfth Night' or 'The Grass is Singing?' ! The storyline revolves around burning books and no books allowed in the society. How dumb. But nevermind, i will learn to love the book somehow.

Okay, technically speaking, exams are tomorrow! OMG. After tuesday, i'm free for a solid three weeks break. Hang on there and pull through it ! (:
Best of luck to all !

The Group. Cute, aint it?

TOP: Kenneth, Van, Ash, Jun
MIDDLE: Zhimin, Chris, Jacq, Mike
BOTTOM: Diana, Ting, Nick, Sanny


Giu, Clifton, Rosemary, Drew!

Drew, Giu and I/ Clifton and I !

KOKCHEW (haha!)/ Rachel

Nick (he had to dress up as a plumber and i thought that dressing made him really awful, so i wanted to post it up, but thought it was a bad idea in case he kills me if he sees it.)

More drama photos when i've received them all from drew! :D

Right, i'm off to bed !


SOMEONE: err, who's this? Justin?

NICK: okok, i never TOTALLY blame you okay! At least we get to sample new foods! What's for dinner tomorrow brown cow? Cocktail sausages okay! and we BETTER go exercise in the holidays or i'll kill you!

TIMO: heyheyhey!! lol, i'm enjoying life as much as i can before the major exams! Sec four life can't be any better right! aww. I know right, this song rocks! :D

ZHI: yes! with me around, do whatever thing also fun! LOL. (please do not vomit though i know you're going to :p) FATFATFAT! eat so much potatoes! omg!

STEPH: lol, seriously, you're the first person after jacq who keeps saying i'm glam! THANKYOU so much ah. And i don't look like i dress up to go clubbing okay! LOL.

HONGS: hey! these few days not possible eh, i've got exams coming up next week! But i'll be free from tuesday onwards though, or maybe i'm too busy shopping! LOL. NUDGE ME LAHHHH.

GIULIA: You see! you sound more thickskin then me leh! lol.

TBOI (Terence): HAHAHA! Because i can't possibly ask you in my blog ma! And you made it look so obvious in your blog, so of course i must ask right! :p (Okay maybe it's obvious because i know what you're referring to). But your msn status is always 'BUSY' you nnp! I hope she's the right one for you this time! PHEW, you've come a long way.. You know what?


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