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Monday, September 18, 2006
It's a once-in-a-year celebration ! (look! it's YOUR favourite colour!)

You're not forgotten. Happy Birthday Jin Hong ! :D

Fine, so people say i don't update enough now that my exams are over. I shall update now. Here we go..

My dance class.

Whilst waiting for class..

Love the lightings.

(?) Lunch at (i forgot the name of the cafe.)

Ah, lovely.

Everyone's back home now i suppose! omgomgomg, i MISSS YOU BADLY KOHKOH! (actually i miss you for shopping at bridge only lah.) AHHA, kidding. you're SO MISSED by ME ! ):

To my dearest senior cum buddy, TONG JUNZHANG! lol. Don't give up and press on okay! She'll be touched by your sincerity for sure ! I'll always be in australia supporting you! :D and STOP growing taller lah! I don't want to be HALF your height when we meet up in december!!

TERENCE (see, no spelling mistake this time.) ! don't you give up too! I see HOPE ! I think there's a chance to.. you know! Remember to update me okay! I so wanna hear from you soon ! I miss those days where we can talk and analyze things about ANYTHING UNDER THE SUN !! :D:D

Right, i'm looking forward to wednesday's dance class!
AND, tingxuan declares that she will be going on a strict/intensive EXERCISE PLAN. :D

ha ha ha.

Do drop some encouragement! *

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