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Friday, September 22, 2006

JUNZHANG! :D:D heyhey! no problem yea? Anything for my dear buddy! I've answered your question already, so may it be a headstart for you. And you are kaypoh what! :p I've known you for so long, hmm, quite kaypoh lah, QUITE only.. lol.

JOSH! hey! yeah, i've received already! I'll be back in december to celebrate it with you. Don't worry lah! It's a promise.

HONGS! girl! it's a sure thing. How can i forget your birthday right? Just like how you remembered mine so dearly. Hey, it's not a good year for the both of us yes? Let's pull it through for another three more months, and i'm back to meet all of you (2e2'o3 girls) again!

YEOWMAMA! yesyes! i FINALLY got the charm bracelet thing! lol. after ten thousand years lah! Thanks to who? :p I know i'm a BABE, babe. LOL. Hmm, i want roti prataaaaaaaaaa! I'm missing it so badly! eheheh, we haven't been shopping tgt for months!!

TERENCE!! hahaha, yesyes BIGGIE-ni. It's only natural that i tell you my secrets, because i know i can keep them safe with you! :D:D Then you'll give me a whole lot of advice! OHYEA. I so can see some tiny weenie progress coming along! Remember to update me okay! then i can give you *ERHEM advice too. laughoutloud.

; angels brought me here.

I'm tired, a decent update sometime tomorrow or something. (with heaps of photos)
Life _ _ _ _ , period.

I've slowly learnt to be numbed when such situations happen all over again.

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