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Monday, September 25, 2006

KOHKOH! :D:D i can't wait for your arrival on sunday! ohmygod. I MISS YOU SOOO FREAKING MUCH! ):): We've got so much things to do and talk about! HURRY COME BACK WILL YOU!

JOSH! Hey yeah! i'm coming back in less than three months actually! Till then, all the best for your promos okay! :D I'll be back just in time to help you celebrate your birthday!

JACQ! omg. you were M.I.A for so long! yeah, we went to Melbourne Aquarium a few days back! Didn't really 'go-in' though, just browsed from the outside. HAHA.

DANA ONG QIANYU! :D:D:D:D Promos eh? All the best alrights! You know i'll always be here rooting for you guys! Everyone seemed so stressed up! And of course, i LOVE you too woman!

TERENCE! biggie-ni! i went online immediately i saw your message! :D:D aiyoh, you ah, don't think too much okay? everything's going to be fine ! I'm always available if you need someone to talk to okay! don't be so pessimistic! Look on the bright side of life ter!

NURA! hey! i'm doing fine! :D How about you? I saw your beloved boyfriend! Life's been good for you?

TONGJUZHANG! you nehnehpok lah! you PROMSIED to accompany me go around singapore to EATEATEAT okay! and it's YOUR treat! what a friend lah you! Got blog never tell me! ):

HONGS! heyhey! it's nice talking to you too! :D five years of friendship and still counting!


More updates tomorrow! :D

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