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Saturday, October 14, 2006
Aiyah, since i'm waiting for drama to start, might as well just reply tags first !

hahaha, of course you should know what tenten is! If you don't know ah, i can go bang wall already lah. But ahh, it's over! :D

Oh hello! I'll link you up soon!

I know right, Othello is one wacky moor! But i still don't like the way australia teaches lit. I prefer MS OW!! Argh, i can't enjoy yet, i still have my major exams in late november. ): So sad. But on a lighter note, i'll be home pretty soooooooon to see you people again!

I'm not unglam okay! I'm so glam everyday. Hahahahhaha. Isn't it good that i make you laugh everytime? (; You should feel honoured about it OKAY. Badminton today was great right!

whywhy! I think neekohh is a better way of pronouncing your name properly! Of course! Since when do i let a chance slip by when i know i can SUAN you! hahahhahahaha. Okay lah, so mean.

NICK !!;
)): You laugh until so bad lah! Actually i was just trying to entertain you only. :p You must make up for all the laughing yesterday! :D:D And i still can't wash off the stained ink! So annoying! SORRRYY, i went to play badminton today! ))):

HEYHEY! yar! Friday the 13th really sucked quite abit right! I'll show you my leg if i happen to bump into you sometime soon okay! Then you can see my blue decorated leg. =x


Okay, nothing much to update though. Finally did some constructive workout this morning. :D Badminton was great ! Everyone was late (HAHAHAHHA). Zhiyuan does make people run like mad and i mean from one end to another end of the court. We shall play more next week! Ching and I both agree thata GIULIA is one happy girl today. ;)

I'm quite happy with the progress with our drama group.
I love our plot.
I love the script.
I love the people (not all though)
Nonetheless, istilllovedrama.

Spring Fest in two days time.
I KNOW YOU'LL SING JUST AS WELL AS BEFORE ! (no matter how bad your flu is.)
GO GO GO ! I'll be rooting for you. (:

Okayyyyyyyyy, i'm done updating. Quite tired now. bye!

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