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Monday, October 30, 2006
A blithe heart blooms a smile on my face;

Had a really exciting weekend spent with good food, new environment, warm shelter and great accompanies! :D Finally i'll be able to liven up this blog with photos and more photos! Enjoy.


  • 95% of EAP completed in the morning.
  • Drama practice at FSC
  • Doreen and Clifton forgot that daylight savings ended
  • Could only really rehearse at 3pm instead of 2pm.
  • It went well, timing was okay.
  • MYBF came to meet me at 4pm.

Then, Clifton, Doreen, James, MYBF and I headed to BOXHILL for dinner and activities! OHYEAHHH. The journey was damn long but worth it anyway. Thankgod i brought my camera to entertain myself with MYBF's retarded grins and smiles. HAHA! So here they are; PHOTOS!

So this is how MYBF thinks he's cool. LOL

BOXHILL - 28th/29th october

We were quite bored whilst waiting for the train, so we camwhored a lil' !

James was our chauffeur of the night. All four of us squeezed into his cozy car and drove around boxhill looking for parking space, then we got bored. haha.

The plan was to go catch a movie at Chadstone after dinner at Korean BBQ Restaurant (of which i thought my camera battery went missing when i actually misplaced it in James's car; so i didn't take any photos then). But Hoyts was closed by then, so we ended up taking heaps of photos. And i mean retarded ones.

(in case you can't see the words in nick's photo, it says: "IDEAL WEIGHT". lol

Okay, this ain't retarded. :D


Then MYBF decided to take jumping shots !

After the massive photoshots, MYBF and i stayed over at Clifton's house because there were no more trains/trams/buses! I swear i'll never play racing games (PS II) with nick anymore! James went teaching Clifton driving in the middle of the night and we remained in the room snoring away. HAHA.

Woke up at 9am the next morning and rushed all the way home because MYBF had to go for second period. Wah, thankfully there were express trains or else we'll just die. So anyway, we got home on time and he wasn't late for chem tute. [Okay, at least i don't feel SO bad now; SORRRYYY ! ): ] Meanwhile, i finished up EAP and spent the rest of the day printing documents for tomorrow's presentation!

And last but not least,

and this time, GRIN like nick!


OHNO LA! No more flights before the 19th?! ))): I don't wanna rot in melbourne! I bet my account balance will decrease like mad! I wanna go back to SINGAPORE not stay here! SHITTTT.

): It's okay! Then i'll take like heaps of photos and show you how is it like okay? :D Haha, fate plays a huge role here though. But i'm glad i have him. (: OMG, casper is sooo cute!
Are you okay lala? (your blog)

hey! so sorry i had to rush off to ballieu to print transparencies for EAP so i couldnt stay a little longer to discuss what to do okay! We'll do it soon! :D

WHAT?! rubbish ah you! Of course i'm enjoying my life here AND SO ARE YOU! Promos over, and my exams are coming! Don't rejoice ah! zzz`

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