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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Okay lah, i'll just blog before i turn in, if not later he complains say i don't update! heh`

Just came home from watching "Children of Men" or was it "Men of Children"? Aiyah, can't remember, but anyhow, the movie was good and needless to say, the companies were great! :D The show was a little gruesome though and the cinema was damn cold ! MYBF must be quite disappointed that we didn't get to go kboxing tonight because the midnight sessions only start at 1 am. ):

Aiyoh, i think i'm suffering from Serious Short Term Memory. What did i do yesterday? OHOH! I was playing with Casper at swanston yesterday! He's such an adorable little cad!! Then then, i stayed in my boyfriend's room studying the night away (okay lah, i did slack). We successfully abstained from food yesterday night! Way to go love! :D

Was suppose to play basketball at albert park today with nick, ching and giu. But we were too lazy to get our ass outta bed, so yeah, cancelled. SORRY NICHOLAS TEO WEIQIANG! ): So we woke up for 15 mins, and went back to sleep again. Haha! Now i need to find other ways to work out those accumulated fats. SO ANNOYING.

Hmm, so anyway, it's drama day tomorrow and boxhill night. Okay, the bottomline is, i'll get to visit boxhill's eatery lah okay. :p Then nick will eat his fill tomorrow, i KNOW! :D:D

AND EXCUSE ME BOYFRIEND! : I wasn't kissing on msn! That sounds so wrong! lol.

Not to forget,



I agree with you! I'm so frustrated with the flight bookings! If only i am lucky enough to get the 8th,9th and 10th ticket! SHYT. I so don't want to go back on the 25th! Till then, i'll probably be the best shopper in Victoria!

I know i know! But i haven't told them about the news yet! How now brown cow? Should we tell or are we over reacting a little?

It's your picture you know! It's quite okay lah. And we didn't get to go kboxing today. )): SORRRYYYY. It's a lonely night tonight! But make sure you sleep properly okay! We haven't recorded our stupid video yet! Anyway, see you tomorrow morning hun!

Yes! Ash and Jun look fine! Yeah, i will take many many photos on that day and show them all to you ! But why aren't you going for prom ? ): Then we can't take pretty pictures together!

HELLO BOYFRIEND. so lame! lol.

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