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Friday, October 06, 2006
I LOVE, I LOVE, I LOVE . . . !

So, i've finally gotten back all of my results. Well, no time to brood over horrendous results, no time to enjoy satisfactory results. All i have to do, is to strive really hard for TERM FOUR! ohgawd. ):

And Giulia!! the ***** refers to DRAMA! laughoutloud. Don't you just hate that person who claims to be fair and gave us such a 'perfect' mark in the end? ohwell, i'm steaming!!

to my special someone,

let's work hard together this term and make every moment count. You know iloveyouoh-so-very-much and i'll be there whenever and wherever you need me! :D:D I'm so glad we'd talked everything through and allowed me to honestly know you inside out. Take it out on me, i care but i don't mind if that makes you feel better! The joy over these seven months when i'm with you is unspokable. But all i can say is, imcrazyinlovewithyou. IloveyouIloveyouIloveyou baby! Remember, it's the little little things that you do that makes me melt. I'm DIFFERENT! :p

JACQ! This song is damn nice right! It's comparable to your current hooked-on song ! LOL. :D:D:D:D

Josh! YAH, and don't remind me of it again. haha.

TERENCE! Happy Childrens' Day to ME! Where's my annual present bytheway? hahahahahaha! You made me ask for it one ah. :p

DANA ONG !! ooohhhh! Talking about mooncakes, i miss zhss so much! To think we used to have so much fun doing duties right! Like burning and lighting up lanterns! HAHA! :D:D

Annonymous: Hey, thanks ya? Although i don't know who you are and mind if you reveal your identity? :)

GIULIA!! I'm damn pissed too! HOW COULD SHE RIGHT! It pulls down my mark ! she suck !! ):

NICK!! lalalala. You ate most of the churros yesterday night! :p FATFATFAT, but nevermind! :D Thankyouuu so much for the listening ear yesterday okay! I'm happy now!

STEPH! haha! I'm so sad you said i looked like a guy! gasp* lol. GREAT JOB ON THE POSTER!! Hurry go get kenneth ask you on a date! teeeheeee!

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