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Saturday, October 07, 2006
Mind Boggling Indeed.

Honestly, i was pretty annoyed.
But ohwell, i guess i'm recovering from it.

XIANGFENG MY DEAREST !! ohmygod! Finally finally ! I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy promos is over!! I miss you oh-so-much! Talk to you on skype, you don't reply! And you hardly come online! And your blog's not functioning! )): But now that you're back, we can talk talk talk !! I can't believe i'm ending term four soon and i'm coming home soon enough to meet you guys again!

I don't care! MISS LOO, you'd better make time for me this time round! I haven't seen you ten thousand years lah! how can ! I hope your trainings don't come clashing to our dates ! :D:D

imissyoudamnalotgirl. like, alotalot!


NEEEKOOOOHHH ! sorry i wasn't at home this afternoon when you msn-ed me ! SORRY!!


DA-NA ONGGG! how can i possibly forget you right! woman! promos over already? We've got tons to catch up! That one time in singapore is SONOTENOUGH! )): I missed all the camps in zhss with you. so sad! I'd really wanted to bunk in camps with you but obviously i can't. I miss those days in camps! Late night suppers/sneaking out of school/scare ourselves with ghost stories/sleeping under the moonlight/card games all night long/gossip/kong guan biscuits (remember how mdm lau used to bring us heaps of that?!)/doing night duty/killing cockroaches in toilets/telling stories to the little junior and aiyah, a lot more lah!

imissyoutoo! :D

Last but not least, i'm thankful i've got you.

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