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Tuesday, October 24, 2006
Okay maybe i should do some updating before i get all so lazy and stop blogging !

But there's nothing much to update! Finally went for a run with ahkoh on sunday and worked out the sinful fats. I just realised i need to look for my heels soon ! Hmm, that means i'll need to shop! HA HA HA. i've got to collect my altered dress on thursday and do some shopping ! YEAHHHH. :D:D

Okay, it's kind of a boring day/week.
BUT, i always have my dear boyfriend with me 24/7, so it's not that bad ! :D
SORRY FOR SABO-ING YOU (friendster!)..
and you know i love you truckloads hun!

Aiyah, i really don't know what to update anymore lah.


Yesyes, together already! hahaha.

Yes, you look hot and sizzly ! :D:D You're NOT fat okay! I say, you've got a hot bod! :D Aren't you touched that i dedicated one whole post for you? In less than a month time... ): But on a lighter note, 30th/1st is coming sooooon ! LOVEYOUHUN!

SORRY LAH! I overslept ! Let's go for a run again soon okay! Maybe you'll be 'lucky' again too! hahahah.

errr, who are you?

hahaha, you never reply my mail you nehneh !

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