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Friday, October 13, 2006
OMG, it's so hot now that i need to bathe three times a day!
The change in weather really left me speechless.
Two days ago, it was still 10 degree kind of thing, and today, it's freaking 33 degree!
I know right, WHAT THE SHYT.

I'd prefer autumn to spring, but when it's the autumn season, i'll say i'd prefer spring to autumn. SO, the point is, forget what i've just said. HA HA !

Anyway, drama meeting went on fine today and we've managed to come up with a decent script and ran through the play once before we went home. James was so nice to treat me dinner plus dessert after drama because i was seriously broke. heh! Then i got teased by Clifton, Doreen and James along the way to Freddos. But anyhow, i enjoyed myself ! :D

THEN, i got teased again for looking so silly when trying to kill a fly. But this time, nick laughed at me till he cried. zzz! For more details, you might want to view his blog; Click HERE. Aiyah, he just want to laugh at me, that's all! ):

THEN THEN, when i was helping him refilling the blue ink into his printer, i accidentally splatted ink onto my legs and arms. ARGHHHHH! and the worst thing happened. I can't freaking wash off the ink!! So now, it's like my legs are decorated with splatters of blue ink.

I reckon it's because today's Friday the 13th. Bad day!
"Today's the worst day of my life." (TingXuan, 2006:14)

howcanipossiblyforgettosay, "ILOVEYOUHUN!" :D

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