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Tuesday, October 10, 2006
TENTEN. looking back on this day..

It's memorable, but..
i've moved on though.


History of Ideas debate this morning. Basically, two teams were arguing on baseless grounds because none are addressing the right motion. HA HA ! So anyway, the motion was,

"No matter what Feminists say, women are contrained by their biology."

Then, they were debating on biology, then society, then adam and eve, then apples and oranges, then Fuji apples and (don't know what brand) apples, then dictionaries, then yadayada. The whole process was quite entertaining though! I thought the arguements by the opposition team were quite well done. Ahh, i shall not betray JB's class. Keep quiet.

Went to the library after lessons and did some reading/analyzing of Othello. Oh! I did some math too! :D It's time for serious revision. I love mugging. HO HO HO ! Nick left halfway for drama meeting and came running back to 'invite' me for dinner with them. :D:D As usual, Tze talked the most during dinner. laughoutloud.



YICHING! Let's play badminton again soon! NOW WE KNOW HOW TO GO KING ALBERT PARK ALREADY. So much for calling it king albert park! -.-" We had such a 'great' time looking for it right! But the workout was good! And don't keep laughing at me lahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !

DANA!! I know right! I LOVE attending camps as much as you do! Not as the camper though. Haha! I miss those days. ): Why don't they have camps in december right! Then i'll be most willing to go see see look look. hahahahahhahaa. NEEEKOH sounds nice right ! ;D

JUN ! AIYAH, no need say sorry lah. I'm not THAT petty okay!

GIULIA! you so bad! EH! drama plan set ah! I love the idea! We must work together hand in hand and excel man! OHHHHHHHHHHHH damn, we're good !

XIANGFENG!!!!!!!!! Okay, finally you're back in action! YESYES! Let's go eat ice-cream and a lot more when i return alright! We'll tempt NEEKOH with chocolates and make her fat! *evil grins* I can't wait to go home nowNOW! Why's your webcam not working.. ):

NEEKOH!! eh! actually NEEKOH sounds nicer you know! You must thank me for helping you! LOL. We never gang up against you lah! OH YESYES, prom! Are you excited for me toooooooo? :D

CHEN! hello once again! You pig! No wonder i don't see you in math tute anymore! )): Whywhywhy won't you wake up early for the monday moring lecture.....

ZHI! YAY! I love shopping with you!! :D:D But i know you've enjoyed that day! Don't bluff me! haha! We bought our dress already! Aren't you relieved!

HONGS! I read it already and will reply you sooooooooooon !

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