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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Sorry for the long wait people. Exams are nearing and that explains quite a bit! :D Okay, nuff' said.

Nick and i with just a little high!

The bunch of us

kenneth getting oh-so-drunked!


So all we did were drink&dance/walk through the crowd/socialize/and more drink&dance! Drinks were quite cheap though. Shots at $7, wow! Okay, all of us did have fun that night and only returned home at say.. 4am? Many got drunk like KENNETH ! Haha. By the end of the night, i was damn damn damn tired. Clubbing's not that bad afterall.


I'm going home in exactly ONE MONTH'S TIME from now. :D Then, i'll be able to see my all-time-favourites! Hmm..
  • Carena, Hazel, Dana, Nicole, Xiangfeng!
  • Terence, Jun Zhang, JiaLing, Jason, Daniel, John
  • See Hwee, Siew Ting, Belinda
  • Regina, Colleen, Edward, MITCHEL HZQ!, Kaiwen, HekMing
  • JinHong, Sasha, HuiYun, Tricia, Chua, Terry
  • Queena, Cindy, Mark, Haowen, Zhongming, JUUUUnaidy, Thiamchye, JiaWei, JiaHao (Loh & Tan), YouXin, Sarah, Clement, Darcy & CLARISSA!
  • BaoXian, TingYing & Izyan
  • COACH !

Okay, that's it for now. Haha! :D

OHOH, it's my last drama class on wednesday, and we took damn a lot of photos because GIULIA TAN JIAYUN is a camwhore. Most of the pictures in my camera are taken by HER! but i wouldn't post all because i have to consider my quota bandwidth. What rubbish. laughoutloud. So here you go... (not all my drama members are inside though.)

Hisa, Giu, Darwin, Clifton!

James, Dar, Giu, Andrew, Clifton!

Hisa, Giu, Andrew/ the usual drama gang!

Giu, Doreen, Hisa and I!

Drama girls


Hmm, i'm aching all over. I feel like i'm dying. Headache, backache, stomach cramps, what else more can be worse? Seriously, yesterday night was a disaster because it just felt so bad. But then again, MYBF was beside me all this while and even provided me with first class massage service + bed time stories. :D:D How lucky can i get right? He made sure i had enough warmth, lessen the aches and told me this fantastic-bedtime story-he-made-it-up-himself to coax me to sleep.

Was supposed to go for a run this morning whilst MYBF and mike went for a swim. But the aches got worst and i ended up lying in bed sleeping the whole afternoon away. Thankyou BF for everything ! This one is for you..


More photos to come..

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