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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Okay fine. Here are the photos as promised from the ball due a few days back. Won't do much talking, because i believe none of you will bother to read it when there's exciting pictures! :D:D Haha!

Did i mention we rode on a limousine to Grand Hyatt Hotel?
Behind the scenes. Celest was helping me with my hair and makeup back at Europa.

Beautiful necklace eh? All of us got prepared and were waiting for the arrival of our limousine and we got bored, so...

The corsage and roses MYBF bought for me which caught me unprepared and taken in surprise! THANKS SWEET. :D

In Grand Hyatt, it was just photos photos photos !

Last but not least, I LOVE MY BOYFRIEND. love.

I skipped a lot of verbal details, but i guess the whole ball was just more of photo taking, dance competition, food and catching up! So yeah, pictures are more worthwhile.

Yet to come: After Prom Party photos at Platform 1.
More to come.. Stay tuned!

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