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Wednesday, November 01, 2006
Was that a facade all along?

To a certain someone: If you treat this friendship as some rubbish-picked-up-from-the-dustbin, then jolly well buzz off. I don't need you, and neither do i care any further. Stop being so self-centered and thinks that everyone owes you a living.


Anyway, we had our last psychology tute of the year. It ended memorable nonetheless! We did this experiment on people's reactions and emotions. Pretty fun! I very much wanted to watch the video on "how minds of serial killers work" though. But oh well.

Settled down city after my tute with MYBF and did some shopping after submitting our Monash Uni application. He found this oh-so-gorgeous accessories shop at this deserted area in mc! omg. I gave into temptation and bought a pretty drape over necklace and MYBF bought me this matching PRETTY earrings to go with it. haha. EXCITED !! Now, it's prom time baby! :D

Ahh, actually i don't really feel like blogging, but that person really pissed me off and that triggers me to blog. -.-

Ok, bye!

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