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Saturday, December 16, 2006
At last, everything falls into place smoothly. I'm so blessed to have great friends around me! (:

Thankyou to all: jacq, zhi, ching & zhiyuan.
JACQ: thanks a lot for the encouragement and the talking over my irrational-you-know-what! (:
ZHI: thanks for taking out the time to check out the many different paths i could take yes?
ZHIYUAN: aiyarrrr! the never-fail-to-make-me-go -.- everytime he talks to me! but anw, thanks for the jokes yeah! (:
& not to forget, my boyfriend! who had to hear me whine over the phone. I wonder how is he now..

This is by far the worst/most depressing moment of my life.
BUT, i've got to be strong & deal with it.
And i'm glad to be able to overcome it rationally.
I shall pray. :D

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