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Sunday, December 17, 2006
I was an unhappy girl before but,
I'm finally a happy girl tonight.

you don't have to say sorry.
remember, it's mutual yes?
i'm glad things are cleared from the bottom of the hearts.
& boy, iloveyouso. (:

I wished there was never a thing called NATIONAL SERVICE.
I wished there was never a uni named MURDOCH.
I wished there was never a state like PERTH.

I wished for all the time in the world with you.
I wished for time to be recalled where 24/7 was spent with you.
I wished for unconditional love,
& yes, i've gotten that from you.

I wish to return to aust & start all over again.
I wish to go back and never come back.
I wish to never disappoint them yet again.

I wish for god to answer my prayers.
I wish for god to bless him happiness.
I wish for god to make him a happy man.

Yes, wishes don't come true indeed.
Nevertheless, i'd never regretted every single moment spent with you. From the times we started off as friends, to good friends, to close friends, to 'buddies', to best friends, to boy/girl friend, to soulmates. The un-forgettable journey & everyone will agree that you're the best i can ever have.

ONEMONTH is all that we've got left.

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