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Saturday, December 09, 2006
I'm finally home after a year of mugging and hardwork. (: It feels good to be home, but at the same time, i miss melbourne too. ): All the memories with palmerston people, at the dining hall, trinity folks, zhi,jun,ash,sanny,dee,mike,fur&nick. I can't believe one year whizzed pass just like that. I miss all of them and we're so gonna meet up many many times before the guys enter NS! BOOOO. ):

Right, so yesterday night was all about packing packing and packing. Then this morning mike and i had a major workout carrying all my boxes and luggages from the third floor to the car. And special thanks to PJ's dad and zhi's aunt! (: I have freaking a lot of things and i think it all weighed more than a hundred kilograms. Scary huh!

The cab fare was amazingly EXPENSIVE. omg. It totalled up close to 90 bucks. Like what the hell right? I KNOW. The cab came early, and we were supposedly ahead of schedule. BUT, we got stucked at the check-in area for so long because all of our baggages were OVERWEIGHT. In the end, we had to pull weight from here and there. Mike must be so thankful i brought an empty luggage, if not, he'll just die of paying the excess luggage fine! :D:D SIA was nice enough to close an eye so as to help us through the process quickly w/o paying any fines! But then again, we were very very very late already because the final calls repeated THREE times! Thankgod we managed to rush there on time. Wahlao, we were all pooped because mike had damn a lot of handcarry bags! But it's okay lah, :D haha!

Then, it's a safe trip home to the summer island! (:
My boyfriend did not pick up my phone. Ohwell.):

Great Ocean Road / Phillip Island trip!

Okayyy, zhi&i were trying to pick up the Apostles.

i swear the wind's really strong.


Those were the days..


Just look at how short the skirt is. Call that FORMAL?

Alright, i should get some sleep! (:

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