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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Fine, so i haven't been updating much & when i do, it's pretty emo. So yeah, i realized i've got quite an amount of photos to upload dued since months back. Here it is (:

Last day of school ):

Actually i quite miss math tutorials! Philip's been a really patient & nice teacher! Though i joined David's & Andrew's class quite often too, but i still think he's not bad! HAHA.

Hmm, BARLOW BARLOW! I love barlow! Haha. HOI was never fun w/o barlow! OKAY, so he's like ONE HEAD taller than me, or even more.

SUSAN. Aiyar, as much as i dislike her, my EAP class still rock! (: Okay lah, susan's not that bad okay. Not that BAD. :D:D

Fur's new house in sg! Omg. DAMN BIG OKAY. He's one lucky guy! fun Fun FUN ! Dinner over at his house was w-o-a-h. Classy! A pity i can't swim that day though. I wonder how's he doing in tekong now! All the best guys!

Rest of the holidays was spent with APS 6'10 on sunday, Josh on saturday & tuesday, Charlotte on erhh i-forgot-lah. Okay, then i was suppose to meet Dennis, Chris & Weijie for basketball ! SO SORRRY. I went for a jog and overlooked the time! ): They were REALLY REALLY nice people! The three of them actually picked me up from home (like right at my doorstep all the way from queensway!) omg. Nvm, we'll meet up soon anyway! :D:D

Speaking of the three of them, the world is really small !


[HOO-YAH! clap*clap*!team NYP dragonboat] kurisu. says:
we were talkin abt u de other day
weijie is ur cousin
dennis is frm boy bridage

slit me apart. says:

[HOO-YAH! clap*clap*!team NYP dragonboat] kurisu. says:
dennis ask me which sec sch i came frm
den i say zhss
den he ask me if i kno u anot lo

slit me apart. says:
what a small world !!

[HOO-YAH! clap*clap*!team NYP dragonboat] kurisu. says:
den he say TING XUAN
weijie SHOUT
shes my cousin!
den i shout shes my fren!


Cool! I love my friends! I wanna thank YICHING for everything that she'd done for me these few days! & that includes hearing me rant about work! OH & accompanying me wait for boyfriend to come online last night [though he didn't because i didn't know he stayed over =( ] Eh, don't go monash lehhhh ):

& BELINDA! don't so stress lah! I hope i've lightened your workload these past few days! Haha. Let's meet up for high tea soon k! Tgt with siewting and seehwee! YAY.

OH, anyway, APS 6'10 gathering was quite fun indeed! We were suppose to meet at 5pm, but i left home at 4:40 & reached at 5:10. heh! I was hesitating if the group of people standing there were my classmates though. =x Haha! Dined at newyork newyork with loads of catching up! Clarence kept complaining he wants to go SHOPPING though. -.-

Then was games session in esplanade! All of us warmed up after the stupid murderer game. LOL. A pity Carol, Clarissa & Sebast had to leave early! Ohwell, i'll date them soon! :D Youxin suggested the 'polar' game. HAHA! damn fun! I was twice the 'polar bear' & to their dismay, i successfully killed all victims w/o getting caught by the hunter! PRO HUH. The game was only fun because zhongming, kenny, youxin, zhisheng & zuojie spiced up the occasion with their super loud voice. :p (shit, zm don't kill me if you see this!)

Left at around 11 plus & headed home! FUN FUN FUN night out ! NOBODY brought camera! The guys thought the girls would bring. The girls thought other girls would bring. So in the end? no one brought. Hahaha. I forgot who suggested the 'ZOO' for our next gathering! -.-

Okay, i'm quite tired. bye!

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