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Wednesday, December 27, 2006
When you feel like shit & nothing else matters, give up.
I know it's not the right attitude, but what can i do? It's sleepless nights day after day, & i can't seem to wake up later than 9.

- because it's hard not to think about it.

It's really miserable & you know how much it hurts when there's no one for you late at night? and what do you do? You fucking cry shitloads and drown yourself to death.
Sorry, i'm not in the right mood.

Anyway, today was well-spent with biggie. Met him in town at 1330 & we talked, ate, shopped & walked a lot a lot. Collected my camera from sony & bought muah chee along food republic! Then was topshop, topman, gap, aldo accesories, pazzion, blahblahblah. I reckon we walked damn a lot today.

From Wisma to Taka to Paragon to Taka to Wisma to Raffles City to Cityhall to Suntec to Marina Square. omg.

Ter went to look for his hillsong score book & in order to help him find, i left my muahchee on the shelves in kino! OMG. ): Then he couldn't stop laughing when we decided to settle for some drinks at starbucks. So we just talked & talked & talked.. No wonder he's my biggie-ni, because he loves talking just like i do! & he claims to have good fashion sense. OHWELL.

Shopped along paragon & left a short while after to meet jialing. OHH my christmas present! I love it! Heels from pazzion. :D:D She left after that & then it was more shopping and walking. We bought JL a top from gap & okay, i forgot where we went after that. But i still remember leaving my latte in the toilet. =x

Dinner at subway & because ter wanted to find some place to sit & eat, we actually walked quite a distance but to no avail. So we ended up standing at a corner eating + talking about everything. I really really appreciate him listening to me & never fails to advice me no matter what happens. We actually talked bout it from raffles city to suntec to marina square to the train to home.


But then again, it was back to square one when i'm all alone.

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