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Friday, December 29, 2006
"When your life goes all wrong and everything just seems like a mess, just remember, after every storm, there's always a rainbow"
-zhiyuan (thankyou dude!)

Yes, like i've said, it's always easier said than done. I know he's still engraved somewhere in my heart. A part of me still aches each time i think of him. I guess i can never forget, can i? I would love to stop crying & get more sleep, but it's impossible. Doctor says i've to try to catch more sleep before my blood pressure falls even more. Okay, and eat more. =/

XXXXX ever told me this before, "aiyah, forget all bout the relationship lah. Over then over lah! You can always find another one what. it's no big deal k? what for cry so much? so silly!"

YOU THINK IT'S EASY? ha, i tell you what. I wouldn't be suffering this much if i hadn't loved him so deep. So XXXXX, stop all your insensitive remarks & save it for yourself. TYVM. so what if i've been putting up a pretence whenever i smile or laugh? you're nobody to comment.

Anyway, 4e2 chalet was rather fun i suppose! (: Caught up with quite a few of my favourites & met up with mrs ngiam & the big family! Was warmly welcomed by the people standing at the door. HAHA! They must be waiting for my grand arrival right! I got really excited to see NICOLE KWOK JIAWEN! lol. I missed them all so much!

OH, and how can i forget MITCHEL HONG my mini+a-third 'brother'! He didn't change a bit & is still as TALL as before. Till now, his voice still remained as my skype ringtone; "Hello tingxuan! hello tingxuan!" lol. He should sing & play the guitar more often yes! :D

(sorry the image is pretty dark cause i recorded it late at night! just listen to what mitch has to say! HAHA)

Alex returned from New Mexico! :D:D I still remember how we used to slack in mrs. Tobias's class cause he's always distracting me with his ULTRA DIRTY LAME JOKES with Andrew! Evidence: the stick-pad notebook that the three of us uses to pass time. It's just bad to sit beside them because they influence you to become sick! lol. kidding lah uh. This guy here is my debate team member, basketball buddy & eng homework copier!

No bbq cause of the stupid rain. So all of us survived on lulu's spag bolg, sausages & marshmellows. I hardly ate though, cause my dearest dearest AHMA dated me out for a hearty walk down the beach. :D We walked, talked & relieved every moment of our lives. I miss this girl damn a lot. Honestly, the beach brought back memories. ):

So anyway, we walked back to the chalet at around 2100 & it's back to more catching up with the rest! Since it was raining, a few of us gathered in a room & talked like nobody's business. Edward threatened to throw me off the bed if i touch his wound. Okay, so the point is, don't fool around with this super-macho guy because he's trained to have muscles! Regi claims that i complimented her beauty, of which i didn't! :p Blahblahblah.

Left the room to catch a few minutes of 'bai wan bao' and joined the others for a game of poker! Hongkit lousy lah, keep losing! lol. And so lulu, alex, mitch & ian got their bums addicted to mahjong.

- IRONY of the day: Ian actually plays mahjong when his chinese is -.- !

Okok, so to cut things short, i had fun with 4e2, the whole big family. Chalet next year people!
(note: i don't know why i can't post the pictures though. upload in the next post.)

FUNFACT #1: Ever wondered why our internet is working more slowly than usual?
: A series of earthquakes off the southern coast of Taiwan damages several undersea cables, disrupting telecommunication services in various parts of Asia.
- yiching (i don't love you okay. :p)


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