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Monday, December 11, 2006
Would it be wrong if i say i'm always closer to her than her?
It somehow appear as though she's a replacement of her.
Why is it that she sees things a lot more rational than her?
I don't understand, i really don't.

I don't think anyone will know how sucky this feels.
Comparing her to other's?
HAH, please, it'll bring me back to disappointment, that's all.

Sometimes, i just don't get what she wants.
Please don't demolish the trust & faith i have for the mlifay.
I don't feel happy in it anymore.
Get it?


On a lighter note, boyfriend's on the way home to this little island! (:
I can't wait, but then again, it hurts to know it won't be long.
Ohwell, what to do?
Ok, i'm off to gym. Bye!

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