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Tuesday, January 02, 2007
2006 2007.
Thank all for the blessings.
zhi, jacq, jun, nick, zhiyuan, john, junzhang, josh, ling, cheryl, clari, ester, wenzhao, val, yiching & a few others!

What a year. The year whizzed through amazingly fast & it feels just like yesterday where i was so busy preparing to embark on a whole new journey in melbourne. And now that i'm done with college, Melbourne University.. Here i come!

You know, it's really not easy coming thus far. To let go of everything that i'd held on so dearly to me. I do admit that i feel more 'homely' in melbourne because whatever that happened this month in singapore is simply unfathomable. I was taken aback by undesirable news & was caught unprepared with what the future has installed for me. Really, why can't life be as easy as ABC? Why are setbacks hurling themselves towards me one after another? I-catch-no-ball.

But anyhow, it's the start of a whole new year today, & ting! it's time you move on and look ahead to studying hard in university. It's enough being a crybaby for a month. Whatever happened, happens for a reason. So i just hope i'll achieve much better results, to love daddy more!, to receive God almighty's love and for us to remain best of friends (:


We have quite a lot in common yes! We love cooking, we love looking glamourous, we love pretty pretty earrings, we love silver shiny necklaces, we love heels, we love mango, we love sichuancaitang, we love music, we love oreocheesecake, we love God, we love staying up late, we 'LOVE' accounting yeah? HA HA! I kindof look forward to our little 'dolling up' room! :D:D


"to ting! hang in there hang in there! we still have 513 to look forward to!((:"
My twiny twin!
I'm sorry for posting this photo up once again! I just find it soooooooo cute! heh. So you see, we've been there for each other for the past one year & we seem to share similar occational moods! You know i can foresee the three of us + jun&ash in a room gossiping the night away! Then jun will come along with her new invention! Ahh, memories.. memories.

ROOM 513 (:

YESYES. and SANNY LUKI cannnn ! lol.


"went for 4e2 chalet in the evenin...went for a stroll wif tingxuan and tok n tok n tok...ages since i last talked to her...
to tingxuan: im not realli good at comfortin someone and im sure u've heard alot of these 'comforting' words frm ur sorrie if e stroll kinda bring back memories...just to let u noe that i'll be around n beside u if u need me...u are a strong gal...stay happie! =)"

Thankyou truckies love! (: You have no idea how much i appreciate you! :D

I've got a lot to say, but i don't know where to start from. Ohwell! Was suppose to have newyear'sday dinner with ter, junzhang & jialing! But because jialing didn't feel well so we postponed to another day instead! SO TONGJUNZHANG! see, i can make it in the end one okay! I pushed back FT for YOU HOR. (in case you malign me again..)

(look! i stole your picture!)

h o l i d a y s
dont forget monday hor

- a host of golden daffodils
EHHH i might not be able to make it on monday you know!

h o l i d a y s
u can go and die anot

u're going out with me!
how can dont turn up

u still owe me bball date plus dinner ok

Hahahaha. So that night's conversation was really annoying me cause he-should-know-why! But then again, since he said he'll pay for the prata AND bball, i'll let it pass lah! :p Ohboy, i'm blessed to have four close seniors! (:


WHERE DID YOU GUYS DISAPPEAR TO! It was great hearing loo's voice again! & definitely exciting to meet nicoleee in the chalet! THEN AGN, CARENA LOY, DANA ONG & HAZEL LOH! Where are you girls! )))))):

Well, i've been doing serious retail therapy these weeks. And i really mean SHOPPING. hell yeah! Tops, skirts, shorts, dresses, heels, pumps, accessories, bags, food, you name it. Goodness! I so swear i'm becoming a fashion critic after a year in melbourne! Can't she just shutup & stop denying me from the styles i present! I can't wait to free myself from you. URGH!

So like i just got news that there's PREFECTS GATHERING TMR?! omg. I miss so many of them actually! Sharon! Huining! Izyana! Wei Ting! Chaplin! Ben! Chin Huat! Yingxia! Yinghui! Nicholas! Chuan Kai! Dixon! XIANGFENG! DANA! TER! & many others! goshhhhhhhh. Those were the days!

That's my dad for you.
And FYI, he's carrying all my shopping bags! Hahahaha.

Tag Replies:

Haha! nice seeing you at the chalet too! (: Hmm, you musnt praise me! But yeah, people do change, and so do i ! haha! Take care yah!

errr, you are? are you like passerby too? =x

YOU YOU YOUUUUU pangseh that day! Tgt with NEEKOH! nnnp. I'm missing you guys!

heyhey! Happy new year to you toooo! Nice seeing you for a short while at the chalet too! Cause you disappeared with AHEM in the night! lol.

YES! that retarded photo is really funny! Thanks a lot yah? i haven't had a hearty laugh for weeks already. Thankyou for everything!

thanks! but who are you! tsktsk. =/


when darknesss falls, i'll still think of you.
unconsciously. ):

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