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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

really really, thank everyone for everything that you guys have done for me! No more emo posts anymore because i wanna be myself all over again! The once carefree & happy girl! The past won't affect me & in fact, it made me a stronger person as a whole. I should be blessed to have ELVIN, wonderful friends & God's love. (:

I must remain positive right people?
Hip Hip Hooray!
I guess i've been pretty much a whacker the past few weeks & thankfully, it's over! I've sorted things out and hey! i realised it's a new year, a new beginning. (:

So i was practically travelling round&round town today & came home so wan and worn-out. Made a wasted trip down to IDP and found out that i can't proceed with my visa unless i'm done with the fee payment. Then it's shopping with ben&ling for a while before returning home with plastered feet! Generally, i hate new shoes/pumps/flats/heels/whatever. But i love buying them! I'm not a squanderer for no reason, because i bought like freaking a lot of new heels/pumps/flats ever since my reutrn to singapore!

ohh, & a red shorts! That should be interesting!

SICC's lobby!

stairway to ??

Dinner with mom/sis/bro at i-forgot-what-restaurant.
Daddy's oversea, BOOOHOO!

How can i forget to post this up right! lol.

Well, so right now, i should go catch some sleep & await for tomorrow to meet the babes! (: I bet they miss me even though i'm talking to one of them online now. =/ HAHA!
ok bye!


WANNI: lol, and where are there so many hellos huh!

JOSH: Heyy you smelly! I DONT need a pacifier alright! !#%^())*&%%$ Haha! But since you said i've grown more matured & pretty, i'll forgive you! =/ okay. hahaha

QIULING: Hey there! Let's go shopping again yah! & too bad we can't celebrate CNY tgt this year. I really look forward to you guys coming over to melb prolly say soon? :D

ASH: Because i purposely MONG them one! don't you think it's more erm ARTISTIC? lol! NO PROB for you-know-what! sheessssshh! Don't you just miss melbourne!

JOJO&GANG: EH, very funny! senseless tag because you people just stay like ACROSS the other estate CAN! so i'm home safely lah huhhhh.

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