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Thursday, January 11, 2007
(okay, this came one day late because blogger couldn't work yesterday!)

Anyway, celebrated the babe's birthday yesterday night with regina! Just three girls, random heart talks, lovely night, great accompanies. HEH! Dinner at The Graffiti, then headed to Balcony for a drink. More details HERE! :D Overall, the night was well spent with two of my favourites in SATBS ! :D




Tequila Sunrise :D


So i woke up like REALLY early today just for ASHLEY THEAN! OAL to COFFEE BEAN to IDP to NYDC! I'm a happy girl today because ash-should-know-why! :D She made my day today, like totally! ASHHHH, i'll pray for you yah! Remember you still have jun/zhi/jacq & i for you 24/7, anytime, anywhere! We so should proceed with our plans okay! LOVES.

(First time in history: I actually left my camera at home! urgh)

I swear STUDENT VISA APPLICATION is the most horrible thing to apply for. && especially if you're under 18. Like omg, the complicated procedures are just so zzz. Just for the payment & CaAW letter, i've made a trip down every day this week. wth right i know. Okay, nvm! At least i had ash today, & jun tmr!

(JUN&TING) - not single & unavailable
laughoutloud. It's breakkie with her tomorrow MORNING and off to IDP like again. -.- My last day of freedom before i'm condemmed by work. BOOOOOOO! But nevermind, jun shall make my day tomorrow! right?

PRATA DATE on friday night with junzhang, terence & jialing! FINALLY FINALLY a proper dinner/supper with them! Okay, so now i'm left with the NUTS. like where are they! ))))):



YICHING: HEYYY!! )): yah lor! that's why i always get cut off! so annoying right. I KNOW I'M HOT! haha. You're so keqi har! WELCOMEEEEEE. What are friends/room mates for huh! You just admitted online that you miss me already! AWWWWWWW.

LING: YOU! YOU! Eh, i cannot grow taller anymore lah! )): Are we still meeting up next weeeeeeeek? We are right! :D

LYN: OHH, haha. sure sure!

ASH: NO PROB OKAY! yay! i know right! Today is just fun fun fun, surprising surprising surprising! AHHHH, don't you just LOVEEEE me! :p because you're missed by me! DONT WORRY SO MUCH OKAYY!

JACQ: HELLO! I know i know!! We've been meeting up like almost everyday last week! BUT i'm seeing you this sunday again! :D:D But you'll see SO MUCH of me SOOOOON! 513! I miss shopping/eating/talking/laughing with you! HOWHOW!

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