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Monday, January 15, 2007
Let's bid adieu to honeybee for life! :D

& for that, ting is a happy girl! Met up with 513 & the moms this afternoon and got almost everything settled. It's always comforting to meet the girls because they bring me laughter&joy! Mom bought like three cakes & dinner was a spread. AND SO, i've to hit the gym more often now, that is! :D

indulge in vila'ge's crepe!

how bout an overdose of fries&chilli? ;)

my sugarpie came over this evening!

This little buzz is sooooooo full of nonsense, but in a way cute!

Chinese New Year is coming really soon! But sad to say, i won't be in town to celebrate it with my family & friends. BOOOO! But (mygf&i) came out with a really good plan to follow in melb! & hopefully the grey patch won't ruin our plans! HAHAHAHA!

Tomorrow will be an exciting day out with my dearest! Heaps of photos i say. (: Then also, Ching! confirm with me soon yah, if not i wont be free alrrrrrrrrrrr. Heh! I'm kind of looking forward to tuesday too! zhi should know why! :D

&OH, MYGF curled her hair! That should sound quite interesting yes? I can't wait to see her with her hair all curled up. DIE LAH JUN! You're becoming so tai-tai-ish!


MYGF: NO MORE ALR! yay. now i can go more shopping with you! rmb our underwear plan okay! HAHA. I want to see you in curled hair lah.......

PASSERBY: hey! i did reply your previous tag! really. This song is (If - Bread) !

FURRR: FURRY!! I didn't know you read my blog lah! I hope you're enjoying your days in tekong! lol. Your botak head is so prickly! But yeahh, thanks a lot yah? I know you care & i really appreciate your sharing with me! LOVES.

LALA: i'll be staying in arrows! It's quite near right! :D:D

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