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Friday, January 26, 2007
"Life is like a marathon of perseverance & dreams.
You can choose to withdraw or confront.
what will you choose?
you decide."

Venture Era's Annual Grand Seminar was held at Conrad Hotel today, with a spectacular participation of close to 500 attendees; full house i would say. The high turnover marks a great kickstart to the year 2007 and definitely an outstanding closure to 2006. I feel good to be seated amongst the house, witnessing how much Venture Era had grown, developed & expanded over these short six years. To me, this is just the beginning of a whole new journey and i believe my uplines, BM(s) & BGM will guide and fight alongside with me to bring the company to greater heights.

2007 hadn't been a smooth-sailing one for me right from the very first day. I was thrown with heaps of challenges to solve & was filled with despair. But come to think of it, why get upset over things/people who don't cherish what they have and overturn the situation to become so phony? Miss Lin Yu quoted something simple, yet it really triggers me to think deep down. "Winners never quit, Quitters never win". How true. If i chose to give up then, i would have committed a grave sin to be regretted.

The people and culture in Venture Era taught me a lot of things, and especially positivity. I'm very blessed to be able to walk out of the dark shadow slowly with the help of my friends so dearly & everyone in Blue Rhino. Just when i thought life in singapore suck, VE changed it by bestowing me a great team of leaders to work with! (=

I shall kickoff the thanksgiving by extending my warmest regards & an exquisite bouquet of flowers to the following people.

BLUE RHINO! :D A very close-knitted group i would say!

BGM, MR CHARLES.! A young true leader whom i respect and look up to a lot. Business Group Manager and 1st car achiever of BR at the age of 27 is no chicken feet! No bossy airs but instead, he's more like a friend to the team! People say he look flirtatious (HAHA!), but i say, he owns all 5Cs + 2 - Chivalrous & Charming. (OMG, i'm doing ABC T-up!) Like an elder brother to me, i would love to say i enjoy joking with him. Had very comforatble chats with him & AH HA! secrets to dig & more pubbing to come before it's back to melbourne (:
[His phone has very 'artistic' pictures!]

BM (1 star) MR YIMING.! Our HERO of Blue Rhino! The 21st car achiever is amazing with the additional plus point that he's only 24! I must admit, i thought mr. yiming was the kind of serious, business-like sort of guy, but okay NO, i was so wrong. He jokes & gets funky at times too! & definitely suave with his new hair and smart blazer! AHHHHHH, i can't wait for our kbox-ing session!! It'll be hell loads of fun! :D:D I still find it pretty interesting to not have a licence! :p
(You might want to check out his funky side)

HAHAHAHAHAAH! i find this picture so cute!

BM, MR ERIC.! Take this chance to thank him personally because he groomed me personally & is always bringing me for attachments! Again, a very charming guy with solid goals & dreams to fufil by the age of 30! He shared a lot of things with me of which motivates me not to give up because of their effort put in to see me grow. Lame at times, but when it's time to work, wah ho! he's damnnnnnnn serious! Then again, i really appreciate everything in this past week & please don't walk so fast! (HAHAHA)

Soon to be MM, ZHITAO.! This is the only time i can strangle him because i'm still his downline. I wouldn't have found myself so many great friends if not for him! Thankyou soooo much for bringing me into VE and allowing me to embark on this memorable journey! :D A really nice upline who would ensure everything is going on fine, be it work/personal. Just a note: I'm really grateful for all the sharings, the calls to ensure i'm alright even if it's like 2:30 am IN THE MORNING.! (:

Okay, i'm so tired now. I really regret splurging and indulging in chocolates, cakes, burgers and all other rubbish yesterday, only to make my flu worse! Anyone kind enough to lend me their magetic mattress? BOOOOOOO. )= I'm suffering!

(More photos on the event itself when i feel better to blog!)

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