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Wednesday, January 17, 2007
May i present my dearest KOHZHIMIN (:

These two days were spent with my dearest koh! I couldn't ask for anything more, really. (: JACQ! We need to meet up like soon okay! So anyway, this girl made me wait for AN HOUR yesterday for her queen arrival. & whilst waiting for her, SEVEN things happened to me. (THANKS HUH KOH.)
  1. Some nonsense modelling agency approached. (she was so annoying!)
  2. A donation asked.
  3. 'Create-talent' pte ltd approached. (which is i believe nonsense too)
  4. A ??? tv company approached. (...)
  5. Had to do a marketing survey.
  6. Met clayton & his friend!
  7. Met JUNAIDY!! omgomg. :D:D (We need to meet up soon!!)
AND TODAY, whilst waiting for her for like 10 mins, TWO things happened to me simultaneously.

  1. Donation AGAIN. (from the same person some more lah)
  2. Survey AGAIN! SO YOU SEE, never wait for KOHZHIMIN or crazy things happens. But anyhow, i loveeeeee her! (:

    Our outfit matches huh!

Rubbish things we do at TOYS R'US before going for the medical check up! The hula hoops reminds me of (mygf) though!

Then was late lunch/early dinner at billy bombers! OMG. you guys so should give the cookie&creme milkshake a go! It's damn good (:

Shopping at fareast & a christmas gift from mydearest koh! I love it yah! :D

I'd finally bought my red tote. YAY! ting's a happy girl. & zhi did ******* at hula&co. today! HAHAHA! But she's a happy girl today too because she-knows-why! (mygf) & ash's HAPPY today too! cause (mygf) finally rcved her offer from monash & ash's GOING TO MELB! So like we're all happy girls today! :D:D

Then was a trip down to idp for the pre-seminar talk. Parents just shoot you questions like nobody's business after the talk.

"So what course will you be doing in melb uni?"
"So how's the life like there?"
"Any tips for my daughter/son on how to do well?"
"What electives should they take to score?"
"So were you homesick?"
"Is it difficult to get into melb uni?"
"Can my daughter/son look for you if they need help?"

I SWEAR i was so thirsty after that okay. But like i've made quite a few friends who are staying in arrows too! haha. And finally everything ended at around 9pm & off for dinner at crystal jade kitchen! ((:

And so, what did we find in the 'thank you' letter?



Okay! I'm off to bed. Take care people! & oh, thanks for the prata + pancakes. I really appreciate it, but you should know it'll never happen. SORRY.


GF!: eheh! you're the more taitai one okay! Your curled hair looks NOT TOO BAD!! & now you really look like a convincing taitai! :p DINNERRRRRRRRRR with you soon!! <3

JOSH: heyy! okay! i'll just pop over if i wanna join you two okay! will ling be there anyway? Don't surprise me with your stupid magic tricks OKAY.

JACQ: HELLO! YES OMG, i can't wait too! The special gift is just something special we can do for you! :D jun looks different! YESSS, finally away with honeybee! heh`

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