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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Two consecutive days of an early bird isn't exactly fun/interesting. I am damn tired now, and it's only 12am! Ya Kun Toast for breakfast yesterday with (mygf) before heading to idp. Then was shopping but like most of the things purchased were not for myself. heh!

special gifts for special people i LOVE (:

Went to bed really late yestd night & had to wake up early today because i freaking have to work. Okay, this is worse than officework, like totally! All i had to do was stand, sit, walk, talk, pack & bye work for the day. Boring lah! don't remind me. Stupid honey. Urgh! Okay, i'd rather not talk bout it.

So like i'll prolly photoblog more tomorrow or smth.


YICHING: )): I hate the fact that i'm STILL 17 though i'll turn 18 this year! The procedures are so annoying & troublesome! URGHHHHHHHHHH.

LALA: HELLOOOO! I don't want to attend that too! ): It's such a waste of time/money! WE WILL keep in touch because we live quite near each other now! (YAY!)

ZHIIII: EH! you very MEAN leh! )): Stupid honeybee. I changed into my own clothes IMMEDIATELY after work okay! I can't wait for nightfall because that's when my day really starts. =x

LINGQI: Haha! I know i know! i can't wait too! But SO SORRY yah, to have to make you wait for quite some time! Thankgod ben'll be waiting with you, if not i'll feel so bad! i should be returning on the 13th!

DANA: HEYY YOUUUU! yesyes! I'm enjoying life to the fullest before i start uni like soon! I want a change of job! )))))): CAN WE MEET UP ALREADY HUH! i won't love you until i see you! :p

PASSERBY: Hiii, it's actually (If - Bread Anthology)

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