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Saturday, January 06, 2007
THANKYOU everyone for the wonderful calls/msn/sms/emails/snail mails/surprises/outings/tags/dedications!

Two nights ago, jojo&gang really surprised me by ambushing in the trees & slides amongst the dark at a park near my house. I swear i really didn't suspect anything fishy okay! Blame it on jojo whose lying skills are skilfully trained. Heh. But they were really patient to be there at 9pm, thinking that i'll come home around that time too. =/ Nevertheless, sorry for the close-to-three-hour wait! They bought this stupid mushroom pacifier for me because they say i talk too much crap. WHAT.....! But thanks a lot people! I'll bring it to melbourne for my housemates to admire! lol.

LOVES. jojo/ben/josh/shen/ling! :D:D
(photos to be uploaded after ling sends them to me!)

But anyhow, here are some photos of the past few days/nights!


My maid&i :D

It's totally cool chilling out here.
Perfect way to spend the night!

sex on the beach :D

snowball :D

Melbourne folks we met along wisma!

beautiful afternoon with jacq!


JUN! with jacq&i at the piano.
Don't we look like SIAMESE twins in the picture!

So zhi decided that the REDROCK chocolates were nice! =x

jun sure has interesting chairs!

The slackerrr

& the QUEEN! heh`

sweetheart babes (:

L.O.V.E (but okay, my E was the other way round)

So retarded i know. But it's so cute! ((:

& may i present you with JUN & her unglam laughter and erm YOU-KNOW!

OKAY. Here is a guy who consumes salt straightaway from the bottle - zhiyuan! (OMG)

zhiyuan says (12:56 AM):
zhiyuan says (12:56 AM):
u know what????
zhiyuan says (12:56 AM):
i'm so salty and sad that i actually eat salt straight away last time
zhiyuan says (12:56 AM):
crazy rite?
zhiyuan says (12:56 AM):
but i find it very nice!

Hmmmmm, lol! Ching! we shall continue our weekly exercising routine with zy & giu again yah! :D:D

Right, so while i was surfing the net, i came across THIS. it's just HORRIFYING.

"Miss Serene Ow" so like Ms Ow actually READS MY BLOG?! & i just got to know that she became zhss's discipline mistress?! GEE, that's pro-ness. I haven't seen her in a while though. & i still miss her always-interesting literature classes + sexual puns & immuendo! :D:D

JACQ: yesyes! room 513 rocks. I can't wait to return to my cosy little room & it's girls' night everyday! cooking, outing, church, dressing up, studying. weeee!

ZHI: I know you love me luh! :D:D If you don't, i'll just kick you off your bed & change your room colour to anything but YELLOW. :P

PASSERBY: hey thanks a lot yah? whoever you are, i hope you'll be happy too! (: & don't worry, i'll stay strong!

JUN: yesyes! balcony next week & more 'balcony' everynight in melbourne! Haha! Takes time lah huhhhhhhhhhh. Happiness don't come easily! You laugh more lah! Then i'll be happy (:

LING: heyhey! SEND ME THE PICTURES! :P I'm alright lah, don't worry yah? The surprise was really SURPRISING! you guys can really lie! tskk. Yes! Let's meet up soon with jojo&gang! that 'peterpan'?! NO THANKYOU.

ZHONGMING: HEYY! why must AUS? lol. I'm going back in feb! So hurry boooooook me okay. heh! But NO ZOO please.

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