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Thursday, January 25, 2007
Winners never quit. (=
what do you think?

Man, the flu bug is here for it's monthly visit again. Seriously, why can't one stay healthy for as long as possible? It's so annoying to have a blocked nose trying to toss&turn in bed, hoping to catch a power nap. I think i need my beauty sleep back. I've been coming home past midnight these few days, sleeping at the wee hours & waking up as early as 9am, just to make it in time for work. I mean work is fun in a way, but i can hardly catch my breath now.

-What do you get when you're stressed/pressurized?
You freaking get pimples & eye bags. )):

My eyes are so watery now, because i feel so terrible fighting against the damn flu. And tomorrow's AGS already! I can't afford to fall sick, or i'll be too lazy to drag my ass outta bed! @#$%^& okay, this is rubbish. I need Cal ions water now! BOOOOOOOO.

*this goes out to you. i'm sorry, but i really can't make it happen because my mind is set and therefore i don't wish to drag on any longer. There's nothing much i can say, but i'm sorry, i won't take this any further from here.

it's never too late to know who are your true friends, and who's not.
well, maybe it's time to delete you off my list though it contains years of memories. Now that's what i call, superficiality. A whole load pack of crap. (:

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